Poster Contest

2016 Theme – We All Need Trees

Poster contest winners are:

3rd Grade – Audrey Murray, St. Wendel School

'16 Lily Norrick Keira Gengelbach

Lily Norrick and Keira Gengelbach

4th Grade – Overall Winner:  Lily Norrick, North Elementary; Jada Hisch (not pictured) North Elementary and Keira Gengelbach, North Elementary.

'16 Lauren Zirkelbach Jamie Luigs

Lauren Zirkelbach and Jamie Luigs

'16 Alison Gansman

Overall 6th grade winner Alison Gansman

6th Grade – Overall winner: Alison Gansman, Mt. Vernon Jr. High; Jamie Luigs and Lauren Zirkelbach, St. Wendel.

Congratulations to all of our winners. Classroom winners received markers and colored pencils, overall winners also received coloring books and a check for $25.  Classroom with 100% participation also received a treat bag.