Big Creek Watershed Cost-Share Program is Seeking Additional Federal Funding

The Big Creek Watershed Cost-Share Program has been helping farmers fund conservation practices since the beginning of July, 2016. So far, the program has helped fund 3965 acres of cover crops, two heavy use area pads for livestock, and a two-stage ditch project. Aside from these practices that have already been installed, the cost-share program has many other projects scheduled to be implemented. In fact, so many projects are scheduled that all available funds were allocated as of August, 2017.

The practices that have been implemented through the program have helped to prevent 10087 ton/year of sediment, 12624 lbs./year of phosphorus, and 25259 lbs./year of nitrogen from entering waterways (EPA Region 5 Model). To accomplish these reductions, the program has used $81,394 which has been matched by farmers within the watershed. The remaining $93,606 of cost share funds have been allocated for the implementation of more conservation practices that will further reduce sediment and nutrient loading to streams.

The Posey County Soil and Water Conservation District would like for the Big Creek Watershed Cost-Share program to continue to be available. Therefore, the district has applied for another EPA Section 319 grant. The request was for an additional $194,000 to continue the agricultural cost-share program. If all goes well, the Big Creek Watershed Cost-Share program will continue.
Anyone with questions about conservation practices or that would like to participate in the cost-share program are encouraged to contact Dennis Begeman at 812.838.4191 or