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Get Your Trees Now for Fall/Winter Planting

Tom Guggenheim, ISA Certified Arborist

Have you been thinking about planting a new tree? Well, do it now! The District is currently taking orders for trees grown locally in Posey County by Tom Guggenheim.

There are multiple species to choose from. These trees are inexpensive and will grow rapidly if cared for properly. The majority of species are native, none are evasive. Supplies are limited. Trees will be sold until mid-December. Trees ordered can be picked up by appointment here in Mt. Vernon within a few days. A short read on tree selection criteria, planting instructions and tree care guidelines are available prior to tree purchase.

See the order form below for available tree species. Additional tree varieties are available as well. Call the District at 812-838-4191, ext 3 or e-mail to to find out if a specific variety is available. Trees range in height from 1 foot to over 4 feet and are priced at $10 to $20 each, plus tax. The order form along with your check made payable to Posey County SWCD can be mailed to the office at 1805 Main Street., Mt. Vernon, IN 47620 or can be dropped off. Trees must be paid for at the time of the order.

Remember: besides soil, water and sun, a tree needs to be planted in the right spot with room to grow. A tree’s mortal enemy is grass (followed by deer, lawn mowers and weed-whackers), so mulch and RoundUp® very carefully. A good time to fertilize trees is early October. But here’s the real scoop ~ if a tree is surrounded by grass, the grass gets most of the fertilizer (and water for that matter) and does the tree little good. Mulch (wood chips) should be 2 to 3 inches deep and should never be placed against the truck of the tree (leave 4” of bare ground around the base of the tree). Chips against the tree will promote bark rot, frequently leading to irreversible tree decline. A good fertilizer for trees is 12-4-8 (%nitrogen, %phosphorus, %potassium), but a 12-12-12 or 10-10-10, available at most hardware stores, is acceptable. Follow the instructions on the bag for amounts and manner of application, too much fertilizer can harm the tree.

A copy of the tree order form appears below, or for a copy to be e-mail or mailed to your home or office, call the office at 812-838-4191, extension 3 or e-mail to